Jonathan Malko

Programmer & Media Producer

Hi! I help business and individuals get stuff done in regard to web, IT, and digital marketing projects.

What I do

Web & Media Consulting

Over the past 15 years, I've seen web tech and trends come and go. If you are starting out or DIY, you can benefit from a Starter Counseltation. If you are an established business and either stepped on a technical landmine or your website has become stale, we can collaborate on a way forward, given today's technology, and long-term best practices.

Web & Media Services

Your best consultant is a practicioner. I provide services such as these for business and individuals:

  • Website Design & Programming
  • Web App Development
  • iOS and Android App Development
  • Video Production (up to full service)
  • Photography
  • Design and Writing
  • Video Game Development
  • Hosting

Build Products & Saas

If there is a market, I am available to partner in building software from the ground-up, as well as games or movies. Feel free to reach out and pitch your idea - but make sure a product-market fit has already been achieved.

How I work

Step 1: Consulting

In order to provide the best value to you, I require each customer to move through the process of consulting, service, then to product building. The last thing I want to do is waste money, time, and opportunity. So let's always agree on a plan and a way forward.

Step 2: Service

Services are rendered in this way: we schedule and prioritize a list of things to be done. Work is performed at a flat rate, and the top-of-the-list item will be worked on exclusively until it's finished.

Step 3: Build something new and proprietary

If a service has been performed many times, it makes sense to proceed building a product. There are benefits to partnering with me both on a financial side and an input side - however, when I identify a good product-market fit and a lack of options in your market, you bet I'll be building something proprietary.


Typical eastern standard time business hours, days, and available in-person in Louisville, KY.

I prefer in-person, Google Meet, phone call, and e-mail, in that order.

Like coffee and are in Louisville? I'll take you to the coolest cafes :).

Internship Program

I am available to take one intern at this time. If you would like a taste of the digital cowboy lifestyle, please apply.

Language Preferences and Competencies

I am multilingual in code - learning a new one to make something cool is only a matter of days at this point. However, given any choice, I have experience with and built production grade apps with these:


  • Go
  • Javascript (Vue.js is my framework of choice)
  • PHP (Wordpress, Laravel, and vanilla)


  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL


  • HTML
  • CSS (Sass, SCSS, Less)
  • Squarespace Template YAML


  • Nginx
  • Cordova (for iOS and Android Apps)
  • Apache

Operating System

  • Docker (one config to rule them all)
  • Ubuntu & Debian (Linux)
  • Windows
  • macOS

Current Experiments

  • Unreal Engine (Blueprint and C++)
  • C, C++, and C#
  • OpenGL
  • ASM.js
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